Outside the Wire

Establishing a yoga practice is one of my goals for 2021. So far, I’m on track. I’ve dabbled with yoga a few times in the past, but this is my first serious attempt. This month the sessions are more intense and the work is starting pay off. Slow progress each day.

Generating the mental energy to write fiction has been a struggle for the past year or so. This week I turned the tide against resistance and began what I’m calling, “Lane Shepherd’s Origin Story.” At this stage there isn’t much to share except that progress is happening. The theme is Friendship …. And yes, Adam Walsh will be at Lane’s side.


I went for a great ride up into Orange County or ‘the OC’ as the locals call it. The Wide Glide is rolling strong and I feel like we’re becoming one. Every ride has it’s share of struggle. It’s either too hot, too cold, or too windy. Those moments of perfect bliss on two wheels are few and far between but worth every minute of suffering to get there.


I wrote a good amount on the 1967 Olympia SM 9. That machine is quickly becoming my favorite. The thing is just straight up made for typing and has a great feel once you get in tune with it.


I’m intentionally cutting back on the poetry while I focus on writing fiction. Here are two of my favorites from this week.


Motorcycles are inherently dangerous
Set that aside for now
From time to time it’s okay to be adventerous
This may be a shock but nobody makes it out alive anyhow

Crass indeed, but hang with me
When you fire up the engine, the whole thing rumbles and shakes
It’ll put a smile on your face, I guarantee
In that moment, there are no mistakes or heartbreaks

Temper your excitement, those demons come back
Motorcycles amplify what’s between your left and right ear
When your life is off track, it’ll give you an anxiety attack
But you can always find the answer somewhere in sixth gear

That’s what bikers mean when they say:
“I’m going for a ride to clear my mind, it’s been a tough day.”


When things are too good
We create problems that are not problems at all
Jane had a new cabinet made from East Indian rosewood
From there things began to snowball

She didn’t like the cut of the grain
And couldn’t help but fixate
Something had to be done, it was driving her insane
Jane decided the entire estate needed an update

Of course, renovations meant years of excessive stress
The cycle repeated itself. So it goes.
A life spent drowning in excess
Is it right or wrong? Who knows.

To some extent, we all obsess over objects
It’s called the Coronado Complex