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The Farmer - Part I - Out of Credit

There was no sense in delaying the conversation, might as well face it head on. At least that’s what I said to myself. Truth be told, I wanted to run. Leaving Mary and the boys behind wasn’t an option. That decision was made ten years ago when Mary and I settled down on the farm. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do. One decision can dictate the rest of your days on earth, life is strange that way.

Ridin' for the Brand - Part V

Sam set a plate of bear sign and fresh pot of coffee on the table. A trail cook that could make bear sign was a rare thing in the West, those fluffy sugar filled biscuits could put a smile on the roughest cowboy’s face. I waited until we ate the tray clean before asking the question that had been rolling around like a boulder in my head all night.

Ridin' for the Brand - Part IV

Sheriff Anderson was crooked as a Virginia fence and not much of a lawman either. My  plan was to wait for him to go on his nightly rounds and take the Deputy by surprise. Then I just needed to persuade the Deputy to unlock the cell holding Mr. Jacobs, the Bar-T ranch owner and Bill Nelson, the Bar-T foreman. As far as I could figure, that was the easy part, escaping the lynch mob that would show up at the ranch in the morning … well, there wasn’t a plan for that yet.