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An Old Volkswagen, Rainbow Smelt, and Hard Livin' on Repeat

An Old Volkswagen, Rainbow Smelt, and Hard Livin' on Repeat


I had a lot of fun this week writing the first two chapters in the sequel to Selected. I also have seven or eight more chapters written that probably won't make it into the book.  I wrote them to get a feel for the inciting incident, characters and story line that will drive the book.  It was a good feeling to get moving on the actual writing of the sequel. I don't think going from blank page to 'Chapter 1' is ever going to be easy and there's only one way to make it happen, sit down and do the work.

Most of the characters in the sequel appeared in Selected and in the sequel we'll get a chance to learn more about them. I think I have a good plan in terms of plot, but the journey from blank page to completed chapter is never a straight line.

Without giving away too much, the sequel will follow the FBI agent Rebecca Sanders, she briefly appeared in Selected as the FBI agent investigating Mason Adams. General LeMae, Mr. Anderson, and Brad Turner will also get some solid page time.


This week, I started reading The Attack by Jack Arbor. It's his latest book in a series about the Belarusian spy Max Austin. It's a great political thriller, the opening chapter grabs you by the collar and drags you into Max's world.  I'm about 80% through the book and every chapter has left me asking, what happens next? The character development is also very good, I want to go back and read more about the back story of his partner, Kate and his technology asset, Goshawk. 

My plan is to start writing up longer reviews of the books I'm reading on the website. Look for a 'Book Reviews' section on jallenwolfrum.com in the next few weeks.

This isn't really 'reading', but the new Netflix series Altered Carbon,  is awesome. I've watched the first four episodes, the writing is fantastic. It's a Sci-Fi series and the concept driving the story is that people can live forever, their brains are carried in a 'stack' that is placed in the back of their neck.  A person's body is referred to as a 'sleeve' and 'sleeves' can be purchased. The only way a person can die is if their 'stack' is destroyed. The series isn't for the faint of heart, the first scene has some graphic violence, I'm extremely squeamish and refuse to watch horror movies and I made it through, so it's not that bad. This is coming from someone who can't watch The Walking Dead.


Rich and Pam are living the good life on the Catranch. They got some new cat treats this week, dried rainbow smelt, which come as whole fish, heads and all. Rich and Pam are totally into it. The new cat treats were the highlight of their week.  I think they're actually labeled as 'dog treats', Rich said he'd give them a pass on their labeling error.

On Sunday, we went on a short road trip to Encinitas in the VW Bug. Who needs fenders anyway?

I'm not sure what it says about me, but I've been listening to this on repeat for the last two days with the volume cranked up.


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