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A Theatrical Performance by Pamela and Richard

A Theatrical Performance by Pamela and Richard


I got a chance to dive deeper into All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, the first fifteen pages are rough, but it’s worth the effort to keep going. I made it about a hundred pages into the book and there are a few fantastic lines that are on par with the wit of Oscar Wilde. A gem from page twenty-four, a father talking to his son, “Your mother and me never agreed on a whole lot. She liked horses. I thought that was enough. That’s how dumb I was.” Written by a man who has been divorced three times. Not exactly words to live by, but about as real as it gets.


In the past month I wrote eight chapters of the sequel to Selected. I’m tentatively calling it Plan B.  Working on the sequel is a great way to keep my mind occupied while going through the copy-editing, cover art and publishing process. Most of the chapters I wrote for the sequel are background story about the main characters: Mr. Anderson, Rebecca Sanders, Brad Turner, and General LeMae. They may or may not make it into the final draft but writing those chapters was a great way to get my brain thinking about the characters and the roles they play in the next book.

The sequel will be told from the perspective of FBI Agent Rebecca Sanders, who was responsible for investigating Mason Adams in Selected. The backstory of Susan’s brother, Brad Turner will be revealed.  We’ll also get to find out just how far Mr. Anderson will go to pursue his goal of Unified Peace and what it will take to stop him.

I’m excited to start consistently writing again and I don’t want to give away too much. More to come.

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but If you’ve already read Selected, it’s clear that there needs to be a prequel describing how the United States got to the point where we no longer elect the President, Senate and Congress. I promise, that book is coming, I have to keep reminding myself, one thing at a time.

Lots of fun stuff on the horizon.


Some friends of ours and their kids dropped by this weekend.  We played with chickens, walked to the lake, and groomed a horse. A pretty awesome Saturday morning.

On the flipside, we all learned that Pam is not a fan of small humans running at her with outstretched hands.  Who would have guessed? But it’s all good, Pam and Rich politely excused themselves from the situation and everyone went along with their day.

I’m proud to announce that the Catranch is home to a new theatrical play, written and performed by Pam and Rich daily at approximately 5:45pm in the living room of the Catranch. Pam and Rich have yet to give their masterpiece a name.

The opening act of the play begins with Rich sitting on the couch at my feet and eventually moving to my lap.  He pretends like he wants to be petted but really he’s looking for the smallest inclination that I might move toward the refrigerator. At the same time Pam runs from the cat tree to the front door while meowing, or as we refer to it here at the Catranch, singing the song of her people.  Occasionally, she bangs on the front door with her paws to let the humans occupying her home know that she’s ready to eat. The opening act tends to last approximately five minutes and quickly moves to act two.

The second act of the play begins with Rich heading towards the sliding glass door at the back of the kitchen. About a minute later, Pam follows.  She sits next to Rich for a few seconds then moves between Rich and the door.  This begins the fake standoff between Rich and Pam.  They stare at each other with mad face for a brief moment.  Rich starts the action by raising a paw toward Pam in slow motion, as if he was going to swat her.  This causes Pam to hiss at him. At this point, I move my foot slightly on the couch, Rich and Pam both sprint toward me. When they realize that I’m not going to feed them yet, because their dinner time is 6pm, they repeat the fake standoff scenario.

At 6:00pm the play ends with dinner time at the Catranch.

Speaking of which, this evening’s performance is about to begin.

Signing off from the Catranch.



Winston Churchill the Painter

Winston Churchill the Painter

Books, Chickens, Salmon Tacos, and SoCal Sunshine

Books, Chickens, Salmon Tacos, and SoCal Sunshine