J. Allen Wolfrum is a fiction author and former Marine based in San Diego, California.


Books, Chickens, Salmon Tacos, and SoCal Sunshine

Books, Chickens, Salmon Tacos, and SoCal Sunshine

Book Release Update


This week I self-published my book Selected on Amazon.  Currently, it’s only available as an eBook, the paperback version should be available in the next month or so.

You can find the eBook on Amazon here.

If you already picked up a copy, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it.  Please leave a rating and review on Amazon, it helps other readers who might be interested in the book find it on Amazon.


Busy week all around, not much reading happened.

We went on a road trip this weekend to visit family and listened to the new Dan Brown book, Origin on Audible. I have to preface my reaction by saying that I’m a huge fan of Davinci Code and Angels and Demons. I was expecting Origin to be equally as engaging, but it just didn’t get there.

I started reading All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. This is my first time reading anything by Cormac McCarthy, I was scared off by his books that were turned into movies.  I don’t like horror or scary movies, so I stayed away from his writing.  

I’m glad I picked up All the Pretty Horses, his writing style is interesting and has two distinct elements: no quotation marks around dialogue and very long sentences when he’s describing a scene.  The lack of quotation marks is a little shocking at first but after ten pages or so I got used to it.  I haven’t made it far enough into the book to have an opinion on the story structure.  His descriptions of people and their surroundings are awesome.  I’m looking forward to making it farther into the book.


No real writing this week.  My goal is to not write that sentence again next week.  I spent a lot of time this week trying to get the book published.  I did set up a goodreads author account and answered a bunch of questions which you can see on my profile here.  If you have a question you want me to answer, feel free to ask.


We had the opportunity to spend some time with family this week and it was great.

At the house, we have three chickens, one mama chicken and two babies.  The babies are about four months old.  The mama chicken started laying eggs again this week and one of her baby chickens followed suit. We’re back to having fresh eggs for breakfast again.

We went on two short hikes this weekend that made us appreciate the Southern California weather.  Hiking the foothills in a t-shirt on New Years day is one of many things that make dealing with the people and traffic tolerable.

Rich and Pam held down the Catranch in our absence.  They were happy to get back to their normal routine and rated our new salmon tacos recipe, four out of four paws with a hearty meow.

Speaking of ratings, if you’re reading the book, when you’re finished, please leave a rating and review on Amazon.  It’s the best way to help other readers find the book.

More to come next week, signing off from the Catranch.


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